Tutorial: “Puff” Earrings

Hey all!

In this video tutorial, I am doing two things.

  1. Fulfilling a JO 304 assignment of posting a process-oriented video.
  2. Introducing you to a kind of crafting that is very special to me!

When I was in middle school, a local jeweler showed me the basics of how to make earrings. Since then, I have been hooked on the creativity of jewelry-making. Particularly earring-making became my favorite pass-time, which led me to make my own company in 7th grade! I sold my earrings at craft fairs and did quite well for myself considering my age. I continued making earrings intermittently throughout high school and college, usually just for fun or to relieve stress.

A trip to Bogota, Colombia last year inspired me to reinvent my craft! Women in Colombia were sporting these BEAUTIFUL, full, colorful earrings. They just looked AMAZING to me and I needed to have them! I asked a jeweler in a city outside Bogota to walk me through how to make them, and I have been creating them in Boston ever since.

Here is a video tutorial explaining how it’s done. Enjoy it, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Have fun with it!

Take care,


Author: Cristina Gallotto

@cgallotto Currently: Boston University Journalism & History, Writer at ABC Boston (WCVB). Formerly: BUTV10's Inside Boston Executive Producer, NBC's Meet The Press Intern, On-air Reporting Intern at NBC Portland (WCSH), CBS Boston (WBZ) Intern.

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