Final Reflections: Digital reinvention at The Boston Globe is coming.

It has been about months covering The Boston Globe for my JO 304 NewsTrack assignment. Today my assignment is to post about final take-aways. Coincidentally, an old professor of mine posted yesterday in BU Journalism’s Facebook group… in an almost perfect timing for this assignment:

Professor Zuckoff posted this link. The article found at this link is a Poynter report on the newfound plan for The Globe moving forward. A sort of “How can the Globe keep up with the times” kind of post, with commentary from high level journalists at the Globe.(Zuckoff is a big player in The Globe’s newsroom with years of experience churning out great work there. So this one is worth a read!)

The Globe plans to digitally reinvent themselves, an idea I have written about time and time again this semester, because digital participation by the Globe as it currently stands is not competitive. Here is their plan:

  • An Express Desk
  • An audience engagement team made up of reporters, editors and producers
  • A Super Department and “refreshed” beats
  • A separate print desk
  • An “enhanced” projects team
  • Reviving the digital storytelling team

The Boston Globe’s full memo on their plan gives some color on what led up to this point. A quote from that memo:

Let’s accept upfront that this will be a disruptive stretch, pretty much starting right now, despite all good efforts to prevent it. I don’t know any way around it. Transitions are inevitably rocky, but let’s put our heads down and collectively get to the other side.


We have such a team already, but it’s been hammered by attrition. We need to rebuild it, fast, and in the reconstruction, we need to devote ever more of our design and graphics firepower to the digital side…

Read the full memo here.

In short, the Globe knows they have to adapt. It looks like this plan will get them there. For folks in JO 304 with me, this may be good news for us in a future job search… our digital skills will surely serve us well as newsrooms adapt in this way.

It’s great to see my hometown paper taking these steps to digitally reinvent The Boston Globe newsroom. it is encouraging, and I am rooting for the success of this plan!!!


Author: Cristina Gallotto

@cgallotto Currently: Boston University Journalism & History, Writer at ABC Boston (WCVB). Formerly: BUTV10's Inside Boston Executive Producer, NBC's Meet The Press Intern, On-air Reporting Intern at NBC Portland (WCSH), CBS Boston (WBZ) Intern.

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