Can the national news media reach everyone?

Amid the crossfire of unrelenting criticism of the national news media, there are individual reporters just trying to do their jobs.

Sopan Deb, culture reporter for The New York Times and Christopher Daly, formerly of The Washington Post, make their cases on writing with YOU, the people, in mind.

Is it possible for American news giants to make every reader of our diverse nation feel spoken to? Let’s talk about it.

Given the diversity and sheer size of our country, it is unlikely that news giants can capture unanimity of thought. But after listening to these two news professionals, it appears serious journalists are serious about informing and connecting to their audiences.

On one hand, digital media can be breeding ground for unrelenting criticism of the national news media. On the other hand, digital media gives us one more place to exercise our great right to free speech, for both the journalist and the consumer.

Criticism from readers (and non-readers) is an inherent part of working in American journalism… One criticism I have for the trolls out there? Let’s please make your comments productive and respectful.

Interviews from a video report by Cristina Gallotto for BUTV10’s Inside Boston, at Boston University College of Communications Department of Journalism.


Author: Cristina Gallotto

@cgallotto Currently: Boston University Journalism & History, Writer at ABC Boston (WCVB). Formerly: BUTV10's Inside Boston Executive Producer, NBC's Meet The Press Intern, On-air Reporting Intern at NBC Portland (WCSH), CBS Boston (WBZ) Intern.

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